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Mercury Content of HID Lamps

by David M. Keith

The following data was received from one major manufacturer of HID lamps on the initial content of mercury in their lamps. During the use of the lamp, some of the mercury within the lamp transforms into an inert form, but the relative data on that is not available here yet.

Metal Halide lamps (all)
39-50W = 1-10mg
70-250W = 5-50mg
350-400W = 30-100mg
400-1500W = 100-150mg
High Pressure Sodium standard (non-ECO)
35-1000W = 10-50mg
High Pressure Sodium ECO
50-400W = 1-15mg
High Pressure Sodium Plus ECO (30,000 hour non-cycling works on standard ballasts)
50-400W = <1-6mg
High Pressure Sodium Hg-Free ECO
0 mg!

Further information about mercury content in lamps is welcome here.

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