Light Pollution & Skyglow

Lamp Spectrum and Light Pollution: The other side of yellow light
is a presentation to the CORM 2008 by C. Luginbuhl, D. Keith and J. Knox, discussing the relative contribution to skyglow by different light sources.
Limiting the impact of light pollution on human health, environment and stellar visibility
is a paper by F. Falchi et. al. published in the Journal of Environmental Management in 2011, discussing skyglow and proposing specific mitigation strategies - the abstract is available here.
Rayleigh Scatter Index (RSI)
introduces this metric for comparative reflectance of the atmosphere.
RSI Data for Sources
has the results of RSI evaluations of different sources, in terms of overall RSI and evaluating the RSI SPD's by photopic, scotopic and melanoptic sensitivity functions.
Roadway Unit Uplight Density (UUD) Calculation Examples
includes information about calculating UUD with references and examples.
Sources, Surfaces and Atmospheric Scatter: The Rayleigh Scatter Index
is the paper submitted to the International Dark-sky Association 2003 Annual Conference in Tuscon, AZ in March. The abstract is here. The Powerpoint presentation is available here.
Unit Uplight Density (UUD)
What Blue Skies Tell Us About Light Pollution
is a introduction to the issues of skyglow and particularly evaluation of relative contributions by different light sources.

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