ReadMe 1st



This page provides introductory information about resodance, as it gets written.

resodance is a web site for sharing music and more. It's a virtual place for people to live with a bit more resonance and dancing.

resodance has members, with sign-in and passwords allowing access to all music and more in the site. In addition, guests can visit, look around the site and listen to the samples. The user agreement is here.

The music will be changed depending on occasion and opportunity, so check back to see what's new in the newsletter.

How To ..

The site uses different sign-ins for members or guests, but each leads to the options page (which leads to this ReadMe 1st page). Thr options for guests are limited to Listings and Notes, as well as links to this page, the newsletter and the contact information. For members, the options also include change Password and Account status. Members are encouraged to change passwords as desired, and keep their own contact information (under Account Status) current.

The Listings option leads to lists of different performers (in different directories) and their 'albums' (in different sub-directories). Sample files of songs are available to members and guests, but only members can play (or download) complete songs. Information on how the Listings page works is available here (or at the ?_?_? link on the Listing page). Listings change from time to time, as noted here in the News.

The Notes section is available to all, but only members can add notes or respond to the Feedback.


To contribute to this page, email us.