resodance Music Utility Information

The Music utility provides access to directories and files in the resodance system. The intent is to give users a simple tool to see and use lists & links.

Music Listings Form

The main menu buttons are presented across the top (red box in the figure to the left) and current directory and additional directory choices just below (blue box). Clicking on 'Home' or 'Up1Dir' or one of the directories will list any directories (blue box) and any files (gold box) in the directory chosen. The 'Home' button will move the list back to the 'highest' directory in the site. The 'Up1Dir' button will move the list to the next 'upper' directory.

Each file listed (gold box) is shown with an 'Info' link and additional button(s). For guests, the only additional choice is 'Sample', while for members the choice to 'Play' is also provided. Clicking on either button will show the audio controls (green box) with the corresponding file ready to start. One way to download any file is to use the 'off-mouse-button' (right mouse button) to call up the extended list of commands, which (probably) includes the saveAs option. (A download button will be added in future versions of this site.)

The 'Exit' Button will show the resodance options page (seen after sign-in) which offers choices for changing a password, reviewing account status, and additional information about the site.

The resodance Music utility is under constant improvement, so please send suggestions by email or use the additional contact information here.