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Marshall Design Inc. provides consulting services addressing illumination. A principal service is illumination design, from small projects that are finished within the hour to schematic design services for entire communities. Another service is site evaluation, combining measurement and recording with decades of experience with interior and exterior lighting. Marshall Design also consults about ordinances, from reviewing proposed or existing codes to developing complete exterior lighting ordinances that are tailored to the community. Services in related areas such as product development, custom software or expert witness are also available. Research is an ongoing activity at Marshall Design, with in-house and client-driven projects leading to publication of original work in topics ranging from energy management to light pollution. Continuously, Marshall Design promotes and practices education in illumination, teaching at all levels while also studying the newest devlopements in illumination and related fields from electronics to health. We bring this extensive knowledge and experience to work for our clients, to help them see the opportunities and complexities involved when considering illumination issues.

Our philosophy at Marshall Design is that clients know what they want but may need a better understanding of the possibilities, tradeoffs and technical issues involved. Mutual education is key. Our experience in education combines with technical expertise to provide services that helps clients develop their project in whatever way best serves them.

David M. Keith is founder and principal of Marshall Design, Inc - vita available here, or a more conventional CV is available here.

Lighting Design Services
Among numerous design projects, the Boulder County Court House Project is a favorite, lighting the building and plaza on the Pearl St Mall in Boulder, CO.

Illumination Measurement and Lighting Evalution Services
- We have decades of experience in measuring and evaluating lighting systems, with video, camera and GPS capabilities, and our own calibrated meters: a Minolta illuminance meter (model T1) and a Minolta luminance meter (model LS-110, 1/3rd degree field). We can provide a comprehensive evaluation of existing or proposed sites, for use in design, engineering, policy or legal settings.

Lighting Ordinance Services
- Marshall Design, Inc. lead the development of the exterior lighting ordinance in Arvada, CO passed in 2006, and also developed the 2011 version of the exterior lighting section (6.7) of the Land Development Code for Centennial, CO, under an Energy-Efficiency Community Block Grant (EECBG).

Lighting-related Research
- A white paper from 2015, Can Luminous Signs Improve Traffic Safety? , discusses luminous traffic signs and opportunities to improve traffic safety.
- Recent publications include Spectral Identification of Lighting Type and Character and Limiting the impact of light pollution on human health, environment and stellar visibility.
- Sources and Surfaces - Evaluating Spectral Distribution Interactions Using Roadway Signage by Jefferey F. Knox & David M. Keith, discusses the revision of lighting calculations to evaluate color difference instead of luminous contrast, and reports on the results of applying these methods to roadway signage using fifteen different light soures described by induvidual spectral power distributions.
- Summary of Occupancy Savings Information provides a brief overview of the results of research carried out by Marshall Design, Inc. on office occupancy patterns and the potential savings in energy and electrical demand from applying occupancy sensors as lighting controls.
- Roadway Lighting Research supported by Marshall Design, Inc., evaluating the energy and environmental effects of roadway lighting.
- Technical Summary of Research into UPD and UUD is a (browser version of a) reveiw of the work, results and conclusions from four papers by David Keith published in the Journal of the IESNA since 2000 (and the document in pdf format is here.)

Educational Activities
- Alliance for Lighting Information is supported in part by Marshall Design and provides information about lighting - particularly the costs and impacts of outdoor lighting.
- Examples of Applying Mesopic Factors in Roadway Calculations is a presentation created by Scott Wentworth and David Keith. The original version was presented to the IESNA Roadway Lighting Committee in March 2013 and this slightly revised version (pdf, < 1MB) was presented to the Council for Optical Radiation Measurement (CORM) in May 2013.
- Sources, Surfaces and Scatter is a Powerpoint presentation about the interaction of light sources, roadway surfaces and atmospheric scattering, based on a paper (available here in pdf format) by Jefferey Knox and David Keith presented to the IESNA Roadway Lighting Committee and to the International Dark-sky Association in March 2003
- Street and Area Lighting Committee 2001 conference included a Powerpoint presentation by David Keith about his research into Unit Power Density (UPD), with special emphasis on the potential reduction of uplight.
- Unit Uplight Density (UUD) examples are included in the SALC 2001 presentation, and a report with example calculations is available here. The photometric files used in these examples are available here.

Custom Illumination Software
that Marshall Design Inc. has developed for web-browser use and is available through subscription.
- C_E is a suite of programs that was developed for direct illumination calculations using IES photometric files.
- RoadSoft software was specifically developed for evaluating roadway lighting design, compliant with the current American National Standard Practice for Roadway Lighting, ANSI/IES RP-8-00 as ammended.

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