MDI Items Utility

The MDI Items Utility provides access to files in the MDI Software system, to provide administrators with a structured environment to inspect and manage MDI item files.

ItemUtil Form

The available actions are presented across the top (red box). Clicking on List or one of the directories will show a list of items (gold box) with the numbers at the top of the list. Since the number of items may be greater than the display can show at once, the items listed may be only part of the directory, and such 'partial display' is indicated in part by the "..." (ellipsis) symbols at the top and/or bottom of the list. The vv and ^^ (double arrow) buttons will shift the display in the corresponding direction.

The listing can be limited by the filters (green box) that use "regular expressions" (find a discussion and further information here.) After any filter text is entered, clicking List (or keying Enter) will apply it. Note that the listing is case sensitive (e.g. UPPER comes before lower), but the filters are not (e.g. they will match items regardless of the case involved.) To have all the items listed, leave the filter empty.

The time and date shown for each item shw the occurence in local time.

The MDI Items Utility is under constant improvement, so please send suggestions by email or use the additional contact information here.